Why this Blog – My First Blog

My First Blog
Why this Blog
A two way communication is core to every information sharing. This Blog is dedicated to all my friends, Colleagues, Mentors and all enriched minds like you. This is for the person who in some or the other way has left or will leave ( In Future) an everlasting impression on my “Home Page” called “Life”.
This is your Blog and needless to say requires each one of yours valuable contributions for making it large.And remember that intentions are the blogs serve as a bookmark for us all to be focused on the different goals for which particular “Blogs” are meant for.
With this blog would try to cover up whatever is going around us all. Whether it’s the upcoming range of CVs, Cars or any work of Anthropology as in a new initiative by Aamir Khan on Satyamev Jayte.
And Yes, the blog posts are open for real disagreement if any. It would be a wonderful experience to have you all on board for a free communication.
Karan Mehta

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