Top 10 Upgrades in Next Gen BS6 Trucks

Cruise Control

1st April 2020 & India migrated to BS6 norms in a step towards controlling air pollution. Bypassing BS5 in itself was a huge technological advancement which Indian Automobile Companies had to implement. With BS6 challenge became even bigger. Each Truck Manufacturer had to make sure all section of customers have an option to upgrade & choose the product as per their requirements & applications.

Today customer expectations, in line with the Global Standards has taken the game to a different level altogether.

Well Is it So??? Have a Look at The Top 10 Upgrades coming to New BS6 Generation Trucks in India.

  1. Advanced Cabin Designs –
    • Tata Motors & Ashok Leyland offer 4 Options to choose their BS6 Trucks. Both provide the widest option to the customer. Not to forget these two OEMs collectively control 75% of the Heavy Truck Market Share in the India.

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    • Eicher Motors (VECV) shares the second spot with 3 Variants. Apart from Cowl Chassis, Eicher Global Condor Cabins come in two configurations viz 2.1m & 2.3m Width.
    • Mahindra Trucks Stands at 3rd spot with both Cowl & Cabin options for its range of vehicles.
    • Bharat Benz Trucks (DICV) comes at the last spot in mass market CVs and offer only Cabin vehicles. Different Cabin Styles come with host of added features as well depending upon OEM to OEM.
Cabin Pics - All OEMs
Cabin Pics – All OEMs
  1. Interactive Instrument Panel – All the Truck Manufacturers have made sure that no update on the vehicle health is missed out. Today, real time Vehicle Data is available in the hands of driver/owner. Real Time Tracking of Vehicle Logs enables OEMs to Program Fuel Coaching, Fuel Efficiency Display, DEF Level, DEF Quality Check etc in the Panel itself.

    I Cluster - All OEMs
    I Cluster – All OEMs
  2. Telematics Unit (GPS Device) – Factory fitted Telematics Unit has become a norm in the industry. Luxury turning into necessity in a decade. Advanced Telematics helps monitoring driving patterns including Harsh Braking & Cornering. Even helps getting hold of idling time and fuel used for Data Analysis.
  3. Reverse Parking Assistance/Camera – A common and not so expensive feature ruling the Car Industry for years is finally taking the front seat in CVs too. Till BSIV regime Bharat Benz was the only OEM promoting this Safety feature. Today all OEMs have joined the wagon in the quest of Safe Reversing of Vehicles to prevent damage & loss of Productivity.
  4. Gear Shift Advisor – A driver coaching feature which guides the driver to engage the correct gear basis Engine RPM, Terrain & Load on the Vehicle. Proper gear engagement reduces wear & tear of Gear Box and helps conserve fuel hence reducing cost of operations.
  5. LED Head & Taillights – Another Safety feature providing Energy Efficiency and Longer Durability.

    LED Headlamp & Tail Lights
    LED Headlamp & Tail Lights
  6. Hill Start Aid – Another Safety feature being implemented by few of the OEMs is HSA. HSA prevents roll back of the vehicle during Stop & Go Operation while vehicle is on uphill gradient. In addition to preventing rear end collisions helps in reduced wear & tear of Transmission System.
  7. Unitised Wheel Bearings – A technical upgrade not new to Indian CV market but not widely used. They give advantage of lower maintenance costs with no greasing operations up to 5L Kilometer.

    Unitized Bearings
    Unitised Bearings
  8. Daytime Running Lamps – One of the features normally seen in High End Cars. Well yes, Bharat Benz Trucks come equipped with DRL.

    Daylight Running Lights - Trucks
    Daylight Running Lights – Trucks
  9. Cruise Control – Cruise Control has been present in CVs for a while now. Today mass market trucks are fast adopting this feature for driver comfort and better fuel efficiency.
Cruise Control
Cruise Control

Are we settled with these Top 10 Upgrades in New BS6 Trucks….. Answer is “Nope”.

What’s Still not there???????

Technological Advancements have taken the Commercial Vehicle Industry far ahead of what anyone could imagine. Global Players like Volvo Trucks & Daimler AG are considered to be the front runners in Innovation.

Still various high-end features & Patented technologies as below are knocking the door to enter the Indian market.

  1. Autonomous Braking System – It assists the driver with Collision Warning to avoid & reduce fatal accidents by avoiding rear end collision. Radar based system connected to ECU of the vehicle alerts the driver to brake within the safe distance. If driver fails to brake in time, it automatically engages the brake system and halts the vehicle to avoid collision.
  2. Lane Departure Warning System – Its assists the driver and immediately gives a sound alarm to driver on unprecedented departure from the driving lane on the highway. This feature comes handy in the situations where drivers on long duration drive goes into Highway Hypnosis.
  3. Electronic Stability Controls – This high-end feature helps in improving the vehicle drive stability in the event of loss of Traction. Auto braking is initiated on different wheels during Oversteer & Understeer.
  4. Driver Monitoring System – An Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature where in the Cabin Infrared Camera alerts the driver with Warning Sound moment his attention diverts from the road.

Conclusion –

Gone are the days when a commercial vehicle used to have an intrinsic value. With increased commoditisation of the CVs, buyer’s market stands divided today between Price Conscious, Value Conscious and Productivity Aspirants.

Where is the CV market in India going and how its going evolve in future? What do you think about these top 10 upgrades in BS6 Trucks? Do let know your views in the comments section below.


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