Tata Motors Unveils M&HCV BS6 Trucks Portfolio – Tractor Trailers

30T Car Carrier

In Session 1 we covered the Tata Motor’s Rigid BS6 Trucks Portfolio, Continuing from there we will now see the new Range of Tractor Trailers being offered by TML.

Tractor Trailers is one unique product line which opens the host of applications which can be transported simultaneously ear marking the product for specific segments only. This one uniqueness of TTs make them highly profitable as well as money burner when the conditions are not favorable.

TTs are divided into 3 Tonnage Ranges basis the GCW (Gross Combination Weight) of the vehicle. GCW is the Gross Weight which is achieved by hinging the Tractor with the Suitable 2-Axle or 3-Axle Trailer.

The 3 Tonnage Ranges are as below: –

  • 39.5T TT – Coupled with Suitable 2-Axle Trailer
  • 45.5T TT – Coupled with Suitable 3-Axle Trailer
  • 55T TT – Coupled with Suitable 3-Axle Trailer

39.5T TT BS6 Trucks categorised basis GCW as per the below Table: –

40T Signa BS6 TT
39.5T Signa BS6 TT
39.5T BS6 Tractor Trailer
39.5T BS6 Tractor Trailer

45.5T TT BS6 Trucks categorised basis GCW as per the below Table: –

46T Signa BS6 TT
45.5T Signa BS6 TT
45.5T BS6 Tractor Trailer
45.5T BS6 Tractor Trailer

55T TT BS6 Trucks categorised basis GCW as per the below Table: –

55T Signa BS6 TT
55T Signa BS6 TT
55T BS6 Tractor Trailer
55T BS6 Tractor Trailer

Key Takeaways from the TT Line-up –

  • 35T Prime Mover from the previous regime is being discontinued. Basically, the present Signa 4018 with 39.5T GCW is the IAL version of 35T coupled with 2-Axle Trailer.
  • Ultra 3021 slated to be launched in coming months will cover up the two most prominent segments which 35T used to cater viz Bulk LPG Transportation & Car/Bikes Carriers.
  • 40.2T GCW segment which becomes 45.5T in IAL with Signa 4623 is expected to have another sibling Prima 4625 along-with.
  • The 55T Segment which had 230HP in BSIV regime will now have only 300HP and will bear the name tag as Signa 5530. Its macho sibling Prima 5530 will be launched by Q3 of 2020.
Ultra 3021 Car Carrier

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