Tata Motors kick starts a new campaign – Panchmitra (The Five Friends)

In line with its “Ek Kadam Aage” campaign, Tata Motors kick started its Panchmitra “The Five Friends” initiative for M&HCV customers.

“Panchmitra” as the word suggest is the summation of five unique offerings which act as Friends at different life-cycle of a Truck. This initiative targets new M&HCV customers though existing customers too would be covered at a later stage as the program develops.

“Panchmitra – The Five Friends” stress primarily on:-

  1. 4 Year 4 Lakh Km Warranty offered by Tata Motors on its HCV Range of Vehicles.
  2. Extended Service Intervals in the form of Increased Oil Drain intervals to reduce over all maintenance cost of the vehicle and thus benefiting in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the vehicle.
  3. 4 Year Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) – A step towards Increasing Uptime of the vehicles with peace of Mind.
  4. Insurance & Beyond – A Tata Motors Insurance offering covering Triple Benefit Insurance which provides risk covers against Depreciation at the time of claims, Income Loss during accidents & New Vehicle Replacement Cover.
  5. Last but not the least Tata Fleetman – A GPS Service with dedicated Call center well supported by the entire Dealer Network of Tata Motors.

The road show flags off from Delhi, the transport hub of India covering entire Delhi followed by Haryana, Rajasthan & Punjab. One of its kind of Road Show Program with which Tata Motors plans to cover entire country’s Length & Breath in days to come targeting Retail Customers, Drivers & Mechanics at various Transport Nagars & Dhabas.

Panchmitra:- The “Five Friends”

Amid this slowdown when Truck sales are on a record low with huge piled up inventories & restricted cash flows, OEMs are finding out new ways to maintain the momentum. Wishing success to “Tata Motors” for taking the lead at this new Endeavor which may in general appeal to masses for which benefits can be two way.


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