Reviewed – Ashok Leyland 1920 BS6 Truck

Body Fabrication - Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar - AL BS6

In continuation to the First captures of Ashok Leyland BS6 Trucks, finally we got to review the full fabricated Ashok Leyland 1920 BS6 – 32 Feet Rigid Truck delivered to one of the leading transport company M/s Kapoor Diesels in Delhi.

M/s Kapoor Diesels, happens to be the proud owner of one of the first BS6 Truck delivered by Ashok Leyland in March 2020. Finally after the nationwide lock-down, the Truck is fabricated, registered & ready to hit the road soon.

Speaking about the new BS6 Truck by Ashok leyland M/s Kapoor Diesels said they are confident on the performance of the vehicle. As per them since the vehicle is blend of iEGR & SCR (Technology named Mid-Nox by AL). They are convinced on the Mid-Nox Technology used by Ashok Leyland which as per him gives compact design & higher life to EATS Unit.

Below is the detailed review on the product in discussion –  Ashok Leyland 1920 BS6 – 32 Feet Rigid Truck Chassis.


Have a Look…..

  • The front look is impressive with Fully metal front facia. This is to give Longer life unlike FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic) & is easily repairable. Vehicle comes with Metal bumper for all variants with twin head lamp provision. This gives better visibility during night drives on Highways.

    AL1920 BS6 Truck - Front Facia
    AL1920 BS6 Truck – Front Facia
Kapoor Diesel - Left Profile
AL1920 BS6 Truck – Front Facia – Left Profile
Kapoor Diesel - Right Profile
AL1920 BS6 Truck – Front Facia – Right Profile
  • Vehicle is fitted with Crash Tested M-Cabin – An all steel cabin with internal structure and tooled up panels. The new structure comes with improved strength and rigidity. The M-Cabin proudly flaunts the new styling and improved aesthetics.
M Cabin Windshield Split
M Cabin – Two Piece Windshield
Co Driver Seat
M Cabin – Co Driver Seat
M Cabin - Sleeper Berth
M Cabin – Sleeper Berth
In Cabin Illumination
In Cabin Illumination
Instrument Cluster
Informative Instrument Cluster
  • Load Rated Leaf Springs add to reliability & ruggedness of the vehicle. Eliminates the need of Leaf Spring addition from body builder side. Leaf Springs are rated 6 T, 7 T, 8 T and 10.5 T (Front) and (Rear) at 22 T, 26 T and 38 T.
Under Chassis View & Leaf Spring Mechanism
  • The NODO bracket is multi functional bracket that has passed the most stringent crash test. It helps in proving better NVH characteristics and is a design unique to Ashok Leyland.
Engine & Cabin Mountings
Engine & Cabin Mountings
  • EATS – Exhaust After Treatment System designed for low Adblue consumption. With its compact size and industry first HC dozer, the EATS is able to provide the maximum efficiency with least cost to the customer. With Low Ad-blue consumption, Longer DPF regeneration Interval & Longer DPF Ash Cleaning interval, iGen6 (Mid-NOx) strategy EATS will ensure the most optimum operating cost to the customer.
EATS System
EATS System
DEF Tank - Full Image
DEF Tank – Full Image
  • Cleat brackets & Fish plates are provided along with chassis for sub frame integration. The parallel U BOLT arrangement is given for better clamping, joint integrity and therefore better tyre life.
  • The propeller shaft is Lubricated for Life thus eliminating the need for periodic Greasing. Fine pitch fasteners with ZAC coating ensuring better torque retention such that retightening frequency has improved from 40,000km to 80,000km.
Cleat Plates & UJ Bolt
Cleat Plates & Lube for Life UJ Bolt
  • 375 ltr Cross linked polymer fuel tank has an advantage of high impact resistance and corrosion free operations.
Cross Linked Polymer Fuel Tank
Cross Linked Polymer Fuel Tank
  • Lowered Cab and Lower First Step Entry – Ease of Ingress & Egress (entry & exit)
3 Step Cabin Entry
3 Step Cabin Entry

Conclusion –

These is one of the few vehicles delivered by Ashok Leyland. Vehicle overall looks promising and good to go. Surely we don’t have any performance related parameters to share as of now but will surely be back after we capture the first hand report & Driver Feedback.

Till Then….. Keep Reading, Keep Sharing.




  1. worst cabin …………………………too much heat for driver ………….terrible……….should be airconditioned…
    leyland captain cabin is good …………….copy bharatbenz atleast………

  2. Concept of ” Customized Solution for all ” will certainly revolutionize the Commercial Vehicle market. Also, modularity, maintainability and interchangability will immensely reduce the TCO . Absolute ” Value for Money ” .

  3. All cabins have been reinvented to cater to various needs. Modularity will also reduce earlier issues.
    All cabin option available to cater to custom needs.

  4. Economical truck in Indian roads. Profitable to transport owners. Bharatbenz is too cost also not suitable for Indian roads and finally bharatbenz maintenance is too much compared to Ashok leyland.

  5. Customer service is very important to us, and we take great pride in keeping our customers happy. We can be contacted by Facebook messenger , email,( and telephone, (9023242811) and are happy to offer advice
    Call feel free

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