It’s All about Saving the Home Turf

Tata Motors launched 6 new Medium & Heavy Range on 17th Sep 2012 in Mumbai. Also along with was launched the Driver Management Solution nicknamed – Tata FleetMan Telematics Services. A step considered towards saving the home turf.
Products which were major attraction are:-
  1. LPT 3723 Cowl – A 37T Rigid Chassis truck comes with 5 Axles, a 10X4 Configuration, with 208 Horse Power under the hood. The power house in this projected game changer is Cummins 6BT 5.9L Engine. The vehicle can carry 4.5T more than the existing 31T rigid. LPT 3723 comes with twin steerable front axles and a Tag Axle. 
LPT3723 Cowl
LPT 3723 Cowl
  1. Prima 4023LX Tractor – Prima 4023 LX the younger sibling of already established Prima 4028 has been on road for quite sometime now. Prima LX is powered by Cummins ISBe Engine and with higher torque of 900NM @ 1700rpm has a highest flat torque in its range. CRDi technology coupled with Higher Torque makes these vehicles highly fuel efficient to operate and enhance the overall life of the vehicle. Prima LX is fitted with 9 Speed Gear box which has a clear advantage on plain (Higher turnaround time) as well as overcoming extreme gradients over the conventional vehicles. 430 mm Dia clutch ensures efficient utilization of Engine Torque and max life of Clutch plate.
Prima 4023LX
Prima 4023 LX
  1. Prima 4923LX Tractor  – The new entrant to the Prima Range of vehicles is a 49T tractor. This massive machine too gets its power from the Cummins ISBe Engine which generates 900NM torque to take on heavy loads and maneuver gradients without much of discomfort.
Prima 4923 LX
Prima 4923 LX
  1. Prima 4938 S Tractor – This massive animal gets the crown of being the First Indian Puller-Tractor. Primarily designed for Heavy Loads running to the tune of 200T & Over Dimensional Cargo (ODC). Under the bonnet is Cummins ISLe Engine generating output of 370HP.
Prima 4938
Prima 4938
  1. Prima 3138 K Tipper – Specially designed for deep mining of Iron Ore, Coal Over Burden removal and various other off road applications. Similar to Prima 4938, 3138K is powered with 380 HP Cummins ISLe engine.
Prima 3138 - 18 CuM Rock Tipper
Prima 3138 – 18 CuM Rock Tipper
  1. LPK 3118 Tipper – 4 Axle, 18 Cum box tipper developed for coal, sand and various other plant handling applications. Being termed as one of the highest fuel efficient tipper comes with G-1150, 9 speed gear box.

LPK 3118 - 18 CuM Box Tipper
LPK 3118 – 18 CuM Box Tipper
LPK 3118 – 18 CuM Box Tipper

Coming on to the Telematics Solution – Tata FleetMan Telematics Services – One of its kind and the first entrant to the Transport solutions providing real time Tracking, Trip Management, Fuel Management & Remote Diagnosis.  The complete solution being taken forwarded by Tata Motors vast dealer network.


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