Hypocrisy or Just a Lapse – “Jaago Re”

Well viewing the photograph below majority may not be able to make out which place it is….For all those this is crossroads near Pragati Maidan where “Purana Kila Road” meets “Mathura Road” in the very heart of National Capital “New Delhi”.


As “A Common Man” you may be booked and given a ticket with hefty fine for iota of a violation of “Rules” on road but it seems these rules aren’t meant to be followed by the ones employed & responsible for the implementation of the same.

I don’t know how many of us remember Grade 3-4 lessons in Social Science which inculcated in us “Following of Rules” as our “Moral Duty” towards society. Latest Tata Tea commercial in Electronic Media persuades us to perform our duties Small or Big to the fullest, yet we at times give them a miss.
TV Commerical of CEAT Tyres captioned “Streets are full of Idiots” too points out directly that Safety is in our own Hands.

To generalize the statement for everyone will be wrong & doesn’t mean we all make mockery of the law every time we step on road. I am sure we all at one point or the other might have had made fool our ourselves waiting for the Red Light at a crossroad to turn Green in the mid of night sans traffic and Cops. Still we stood strong by our conscious and waited for the signal to turn green.
This is not the First Instance that the “Saviors become Exploiters” … Delhi Police’s Facebook page is a wonderful tool to take care of the violators. Hope this posting helps to get the Violator Cop summoned.

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