Fuel @ Doorstep – Future Set to Change

Fuel @ Doorstep

The home delivery of diesel was started in 2018 through mobile dispenser at some selected cities in the country by India’s largest fuel retailer Indian Oil Corporation. Fuel @ Doorstep has finally taken over the entire country for sure.

There are companies like MyPetrolPump, Pepfuels, ReadyAssist, CrossRoads which provide App based ordering of fuel in different parts of country. App based solution is one part in the entire supply chain. Lets have a look at the vehicle too which is a critical component for delivering of Fuel.

The vehicle is fabricated under the project Fuel @ Doorstep at art of class body fabrication Unit of JAGDAMBA ENGINEERING CORPORATION, Bhiwadi. For Fabrication orders Unit Head can be reached at Mo. 6350634796.

Vehicle Specifications

Tata Motors & Eicher Trucks are the front runners in this segment with their LCV Range of vehicles. Below is the model wise applicability for different volume based tankers.

Compatible Vehicles for Fuel @ Doorstep
Compatible Vehicles for Fuel @ Doorstep

Tank Specifications

MS Tank ( Thickness 3.15 mm), Stainless Steel climb ladder, Dip rod, Silencer, Fire
screen, Battery cut off switch, Earthing cable reel, Standard painting with lettering and
Safety chart , Electrical Wiring.

Fuel Bowser Side Full
Fuel Bowser Side Full

PESO approved Electronic Dispensing Unit

Tokheim/GVR Make. This model is a dispensing pump with digital indication working on the principal of positive displacement meter & has electronic calibration. This model has a preset mode for communicating with automation controller. This DU is having multiple display viz Volume, Amount, Price, Density.

Dispensing Unit
Dispensing Unit

Power Take off unit (PTO)

Mounted between engine and transmission. This unit gets drive directly from the engine shaft and capable of delivering complete engine power to the PTO.


Internal Rotary Gear Pumps are the most advanced positive displacement and self priming pumps, designed for large suction capacity as well as high pressure discharge capacity. Especially suited for handling highly inflammable fuel. Pumps are well protected as they have in-built by-pass valve, check valve, pressure relief valve, strainer, air separator & provision of dual outlet which makes it very cost effective. It comes fitted with an Anti-static fuel hose(1” (25mm)X 10 Meters) and an Auto-cut off Nozzle.

Fuel Bowser Front Left
Fuel Bowser Front Left

Self-retracted Hose Reel

Spring driven requiring no power source. Operator guides the hose as it retracts itself around the drum. Automatic rewind easily wraps, stores and protects hoses.

Safety Accessories

  • Emergency switch on dashboard for driver.
  • Shut down master valve in emergency situation.
  • Fusible link.
  • Side protection device (Stainless steel).
  • Fire extinguishers (ABC) type quantity no.2 (9kg, 2kg).
  • Pressure release main hole valve.
  • Diesel tank cover.
  • 3M Reflectors.
  • 10 meter bonding earthing reel

Conclusion –

Entire fuel buying pattern in India is about to change with further inclusion of Petrol & CNG under Fuel @ Doorstep project. This is just the beginning……..


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