BS6 DIESEL ENGINES – What Happens Inside DPF?? – SESSION 2

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What Happens Inside DPF??

Diesel Particulate Filter as the name suggests is a major component used for filtering out Particulate Matter from the exhaust gases.

While DPF filters out the Particulate Matter it gets clogged with the same which requires regeneration. When the vehicle moves the PM is burned inside the DPF and turned into ash which flushes out of the exhaust.

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Regeneration as the name suggests is process of restoring the full function of the component. Hence the Terminology for DPF Regeneration.

DPF Regeneration can be achieved in 3 Ways:-

  1. Active Regeneration
  2. Passive Regeneration
  3. Manual Regeneration

Active Regeneration

  • AR is an automatic process of burning the soot inside the DPF by allowing the Diesel & Oxygen pass through the Exhaust Valves.
  • Diesel combustion happens owing to the high temperature (Not as high so as to burn soot) which then burns the wet soot inside the DPF and turning into ashes.
  • Pressure sensors gauge the differential pressure and send signals to ECU on soot deposition to activate the process hence no driver intervention is required.
  • Active Regeneration comes into play where the duty cycle of the vehicle is low and exhaust gases are not able to produce enough temperatures to auto burn the deposited soot inside the DPF.

Passive Regeneration –

  • PR is an automatic burning of soot inside the DPF naturally owing to high temperature of Exhaust gases inside the DPF.
  • Temperatures >350 Degree Centigrade produced due to Medium to Heavy Duty cycle of the vehicle auto burn the soot deposition inside DPF.
  • Since the process is automatic hence no driver intervention is required in the same as well.

Manual Regeneration –

  • As the name suggests, when both the Active & Passive Regeneration process fail to produce the desired results due to ultra-low duty cycle or excessive idling of the vehicle Manual intervention is required.
  • Manual Regeneration warning is given to the driver on the mounting pressure due to clogging and driver is then required to activate the Manual Regeneration on the vehicle by pressing the Regeneration Switch.
  • Upon activation Diesel is injected into the DPF & Engine Idling increased to generate enough regeneration temperatures.
  • MR comes with risks of poisoning through Exhaust Gases and hence needs to be carried out in an open space. The entire process takes around 30-45 mins before the vehicle can be moved.

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