BS6 Diesel Engines In India – Heavy Trucks

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As CV Players gear up to ramp up production of the newly introduced BS6 Diesel Engine Trucks, lets have a look at the BS6 Diesel Engines in India – Heavy Duty Trucks. In India top 5 players CV players are viz #TataMotors, #AshokLeyland, #EicherTrucks, #BharatBenz & #Mahindra. All 5 collective control 99% of the CV Market.

Indian Market has come a long way when it comes to Commercial Vehicles. BSIII & BSIV engines were way too less Complicated and Technologically advanced.

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Key Takeaways from the portfolio are :-

  • Tata Motors & Eicher Trucks offer the widest spectrum of Engines at different Horse Power (HP) Range starting from 180HP & going up to 350HP.
  • Both use 3 different Engine Platforms for generating Six Power Points for their Trucks.
  • Eicher though taking the lead with 350HP Motor to power their High End Tipper & TT Range with 7.7L VEDX8 Engine. Very Strategically Eicher has ventured into this segment after it was left Vacant by Volvo & Mercedes few years ago. VEDX range of engines have the technological collaboration with Volvo Trucks.
  • DICV which retails its trucks under the brand Bharat Benz comes at the third spot with two engines. Bharat Benz Trucks comes in 3 different HP Ranges across product lines.
  • At the 4th Spot is AL with 2 Engines and 2 Power Points. Expectation were higher in terms of technological advancement, though we are told couple of Power Points and a new Engine is in works. The 250HP engine is being used in niche product line of AL.  This means entire portfolio of AL Trucks from 19T to 55T depends upon one single motor generating 200HP.
  • Last but not the least Mahindra comes at 5th spot with one engine and 280HP power giving life to it’s beasts. Having single high powered engine to churn energy for entire portfolio is best example of lean technology but it misses out on the option of giving choices to customers to pick & choose as per the usage.

Below is the Sun-chart clearly giving the Pole Position to Tata Motors followed by Eicher.

BS6 HD Engine Placement
BS6 HD Engine Placement – Updated 30th May 2020


  1. BS6 is already a complex technology because of sophisticated ATS. With change in Engine option, driveline and after treatment system need to be changed. Why so many engine and ATS options, who will maintain the spares, where are the mechanics to handle this complexity. As per me Tata motors and AL are actually creating confusion rather than giving choices. What was the need to bring new 5.6 lt engine when old 5.9 lt engine was there. Ashok leyand is just playing his own game. Earlier they were shouting for EGR technology and now they are compelled to come with SCR not only that they are testing new driveline with 6A series engine. Whom they are fooling, our own transport community ? Instead of simplifying the things for customers, these 2 big players are actually confusing them. Within 35 ton, 42 ton and 49 ton, there are 3 different engine combination, 3 types of clutch system, 3 types of ATS and so on in Tata motors. They themselves are confused as what to do in BA6.

    1. Having too many options always has excess baggage which you mentioned very rightly. Could be a strategy to be present with the Optimum power at the required Tonnage point. Don’t deny the fact that it creates operational issues like serviceability.

      Eicher too is reportedly working on 300HP & 350HP Engine which will elevate them to the highest number of Engines in the Commercial Vehicle Space in India.

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