Ashok Leyland – New BS6 Tipper Portfolio

BS6 Tippers by Ashok Leyland

In this last blog post we will have a look at the Ashok Leyland’s – New BS6 Tipper Portfolio.

Tipper Range is the most abused segment with very heavy-duty cycle hence the requirement of rugged aggregates.

Tipper Range sees the wide range of Gear Boxes/Axles & Engine Power Points to take care of the different applications.

In a new, AL has in BS6 regime introduced new front Fascia & Cabins for its Trucks as below.

  • M Cabin – Economy Cabin with Two Piece Windshield.
  • U Cabin – Value Cabin for comfortable rides.
  • N Cabin – High End Premium Cabin with host of Cabin Features for highest productivity.

Tippers are categorised into 3 variants based on their applications.

  1. Surface Transportation – Construction material being transported on the highways with limited exposure to off-road locations.
  2. Mining – As the name suggests, Tippers designed for Over Burden Removal or actual mining of Rocks/Coal come under this category. They come with loads of added features like Hub Reduction & Mining Tyres.
  3. Ready Mix Concrete Chassis – Tippers used for supply for Ready Mix Concrete to remote locations/Sites where setting up of a batching plant is not feasible or economical viable.

Below is the tonnage wise brief of the products. In this Article we will cover the Portfolio of Tippers from AL’s stable.

Tipper are categorized as below: –

  • 18.5T Category
  • 28.0T Category
  • 35.0T Category
  • 42.0T Category

18.5T BS6 Tippers Categorized basis GVW & Body Capacity as per the below Table: –

18.5T BS6 Tipper
AL18.5T BS6 Tipper
18.5T BS6 Tippers Specifications
18.5T BS6 Tippers Specifications

28T BS6 Tippers Categorised basis GVW & Body Capacity as per the below Table: –

AL2820 BS6 Tipper
AL2820 BS6 Tipper
28T BS6 Tipper Specifications
28T BS6 Tipper Specifications


35T BS6 Tippers Categorized basis GVW & Body Capacity as per the below Table: –

AL3520 BS6 Tipper
AL3520 BS6 Tipper
35T BS6 Tipper Specifications
35T BS6 Tipper Specifications


42T BS6 Tippers Categorized basis GVW & Body Capacity as per the below Table: –

AL4220 BS6 Tipper
AL4220 BS6 Tipper
42T BS6 Tipper Specifications
42T BS6 Tipper Specifications

Key Takeaways from the Product line up – 

  • While every other manufacturer is moving for higher powerhouse motors for high end tippers, AL is missing in action on that front. Beyond 250HP its still speculation that AL is working on 300HP Engine.
  • 300HP Engine is a must if AL wants to make a dent in Mining Segment with 28T & 35T Tippers.
  • 250HP – 4 Cylinder Engine might be a good alternative when it comes to fuel efficiency. But Ashok Leyland will have a hurricane task to convince end users on reliability on the engine.
  • With practically one engine in the entire Tipper portfolio things should be easy when it comes to maintenance & Total Cost of Ownership.

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