AIMTC – VC on Way Forward after Excise Increase

Dear All

Our fifth VC meeting was held in a very positive environment and about 90 participants participated in the meeting.

In the meeting various aspects of the scenario prevailing in the road transport sector were discussed like Exorbitant Hike in Excise Duty by Central Govt & VAT by various States, which is going to hurt the transport fraternity. Strong sentiments erupted at the hike of diesel prices and not passing of the benefit of falling crude prices to the consumers.

There was strong demand of the members to represent to the Government for Minimum Package for the transport sector as even running the fleet for essential supplies is getting economically unviable due to lack of return load and will come to grinding halt soon.

The members expressed their strong opinion and displeasure for the Govt indifference to their woes and asked the leadership to take a strong decision on it.

It was suggested to the members that the Truckers and Transporters should work in unison and exploitation of Truckers should stop. The Transporter should charge Loading – Unloading, Toll from the Parties extra to the Carrier charges and pass on to the Truckers in full. It was also suggested that the industry practice of discounting of the freights and mamul should also stop forthwith, otherwise it will be difficult to save the small operators.

It was decided that AIMTC will continually engage the Government and long term relief will be sought in terms of availability of the Soft loans, deferment of statutory compliances, insurance, taxes and EMIs.




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