A T1 Truck Race – Are you serious, Weren’t Trucks meant for Carrying Loads???

Much to the Motorsport enthusiast’s delight, year 2011 saw the entry of Formula 1(F1) in India with the race being organized at the Buddh International Circuit (BIC). We all have had experienced Go-Karting at one point or the other but a F1 race was like a dream come true for many.

Come 23rd March and yet again the entire country is to witness another major sporting event after Formula 1. But this time it won’t be zooming cars but Mammoth Trucks which will actually burn rubber on the Track. In line with the F1 the Truck Race has been named T1.

Trucks? Are we Serious? Really!!!! Aren’t Trucks meant for just carrying loads on Highways???

As a layman when we think “Trucks”, our first visualization is that of a Slow Moving, Fuel Guzzling – Smoke Throwing big chunks of Metal driven by filthy & unhygienic drivers. These are also often seen and represented as an “Evil on Roads”, be it a 70s movie or a latest Yash Raj flick.

So, a Truck Race???

Well the answer is a big “Yes”. The entire Idea behind the race is to give due recognition & respect to “Trucking” as a profession. Unlike United States or various EU countries, driving a truck in India is seen as a blot and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find good potential truck drivers across the country.

The entire credits for the T1 Truck Race goes to Tata Motors, India’s leading Truck manufacturer which from time to time through several initiatives like Driver Training Institutes and Programs, Driver Life Insurance and other driver focused facilities have been trying to support the truck drivers and thus the profession. Truck Racing is a step forward to honor this profession and celebrate it with the due importance it deserves.

OK…. tell me More about this….!!!!!

The first ever Truck Race was organized in US at the Atlanta Motor Speedway way back in the summer of 1979. American Truck Racing Association(ATRA) was the sole sport authority for organizing these races. However in past few years, England Truck Racing has attained new levels and now in total 30 teams competes for excellence. To compete in racing the Trucks have to meet the safety guidelines issued by British Truck Racing Association (BTRA).

Maximum speed of trucks is limited to 160Kmph for safety reasons and the weight of Trucks need to be minimum 5500Kg. Coming on to Indian version T1, in total 12 Prima 4038 Trucks (All Tata Brand) divided among Six Teams will compete with each other. In order to meet the safety guidelines a whopping 22 modification have been carried out with significant changes in Fuel, Exhaust & Braking system. The trucks get an all new exclusive racing seats & seat belts along with detachable steering column. Each truck is powered by 370HP motor and the top speed is designed to go up-to 110Kmph.

T1 Racing Truck
Great to hear that…. “What Next”???

Since the entire event has been conceptualized by Tata Motors and all the competing vehicles comes from TML’s stable it clearly reflects the TML’s technological superiority & capability to steer ahead in the CV space. It’s all about the durability and performance under extreme conditions to which these trucks will be exposed to prove their worth.

In line with the TML’s vision – One Step Ahead of Competition, the technology in these trucks represents the future of trucking in India, and is once again being showcased for the first time by Tata Motors.

Thrilled!!!!!…. When & Where???

23rd March 2014 @ Buddh International Circuit, Yamuna Expressway, Greater Noida.

More details at:-https://www.facebook.com/T1TruckRacing


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